Welcome to English Buddy Jimdo!

Dear student


This website is for you! It was set up because you kept asking me about all those great English links that I have collected over the years. Therefore, I might as well say that you also initiated it! Thank you.


What is it all about? It is mainly a study site for English as a Second Language (ESL) students. Originally, it was designed to provide for additional online material to complement our two textbooks Hotline Starter and Hotline Elementary. It offers a collection of free online links in various study fields  such as grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing,...
This material is meant for class or for your self-study.


My goal is to help you to improve your English. If you are a poor English student, you will find additional exercises to get some more practice. If you are a good English student, you can deepen your knowledge in the English language.


I made an effort to not only put up a collection of links, but also to provide for theoretical background, study help and online dictionaries.

For my English classes, I have set up a password-protected area.


Finally, please remember that this site is still under construction. I will add things day by day.


Enjoy it! Hang in there!


B. Studhalter